About us

Narkian is a Vietnamese owned outsourcing solution, with a strong ethical and moral compass, caring for both the employees and community, by providing life changing opportunities, all whilst surpassing our client’s requirements.




We aim to assist where help is truly needed. We strive to support charitable causes and work with the local community to identify gaps in aid.

Our mission drives us to work with the most needing groups or individuals.

To ensure we preserve the dignity and anonymity of the respective parties, there are cases which we will only provide a brief overview with key pictures, not a detailed story with a collage of pictures.

If you would like to contribute or support our involvements, please get in touch!



Alongside reducing waste and through the Gold Standard VER’s, we had pledged an ongoing effort to reduce negative impacts on the environment and proud to have established carbon neutral status! 



Throughout the year we make multiple visits to the Hematology hospital of Ho Chi Minh City to donate blood. The Vietnamese government also provides support in the form of food, vitamins and sweet drinks that will help assist replenishing the blood donated.



A combined approach with the local community leaders, we also work to provide food care packages with non-perishables, supporting the poorer families in the provincial areas of Vietnam.